Our Company

Inspired by a very personal struggle, Feel Good Nutrition came to life in 2015 out of passion and a desire to help others! Carie Perrino founded her virtual nutrition and healthy lifestyle practice after struggling with debilitating Irritable Bowel Syndrome for almost 10 years. Overtime we have grown our practice to offer more services and reach a larger client base.
We believe that everyone is unique and benefits from a tailored whole body approach to achieve their goals!

Our personalized counseling topics include: digestive healthweight management and heart health.

In 2016 we developed a blog to share our recipes and research. If you KNOW someone, or you ARE someone who suffers from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, ANY autoimmune disease or GI discomfort then this blog is for you! We post new blogs a couple times a month about the latest research, fun facts and food sensitivity friendly recipes.

We have enjoyed helping clients feel better one-on-one but in the world of nutrition we are always learning. Sign up for our newsletter so that we can continue to share our discoveries with you!

Our Practitioners

Carie Perrino

Registered Dietitian and Food Sensitivity Specialist

Carie is a licensed, registered dietitian and certified LEAP therapist. She specializes in helping people achieve a realistic, healthy lifestyle through functional nutrition therapy and counseling.

Carie pursued a specialty in food sensitivities because of her own personal experience with IBS and digestive disorders. Through LEAP Therapy she was able to heal her own gut and founded Feel Good Nutrition, LLC to help others do the same! She believes that by helping you learn the right thing to do we can cause health instead of disease.

Carie graduated from the University of Missouri - Columbia after completing her degree and supervised practice experience at some of the top ranked hospitals in Missouri. She received the Eugenia Shrader Missouri Dietetics Association Scholarship for showing leadership qualities and being a valuable contributing member of the dietetics profession. 


Pierra Skinner

Registered Dietitian and Food Sensitivity Specialist

Pierra is a licensed, registered dietitian and certified LEAP therapist.  She received her license as a registered dietitian to help others optimize their nutritional status to prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

She believes in prevention versus reaction which is why she strongly encourages lab testing to individualize patient care. Pierra also became interested in food sensitivities after her husband was diagnosed with IBS and GERD as well as dealing with her own digestive symptoms.

Pierra graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Degree in Nutrition and Wellness. She completed her supervised practice with a concentration in Wellness at Ingalls Memorial Hospital, known for its excellent Dietetic Internship Program. Pierra also received the Mary Keith Vaughn Dietetic Internship Scholarship upon completion of her program.