Weight Management Counseling


Have you struggled with your weight for years? Are you always trying the latest fad diet? News flash! One-size-fits-all diets obviously do not work for everyone. With our genetics-based weight loss program we can identify how your body utilizes food as fuel and determine an optimal exercise regimen. The DNA swab kit is analyzed for 48 genetic markers that give us information about how your body utilizes carbohydrates, protein and fat and also how you respond to cardio and strength training so that we can create the best food and fitness regimen that produce results.

Our weight management counseling package includes:

  1. Food recommendations: learn how many calories you need as well as how your body uses carbohydrates, protein and fat. Not everyone should be on a low carbohydrate diet!
  2. Nutrient recommendations: identify your genetic tendency toward vitamin and mineral usage
  3. Exercise recommendations: find out what you should be doing for cardio and strength training
  4. Additional support: we are available to answer additional questions between consultations and have built up a database of recipes to help you make healthier meal choices

NOTE: There is a 3-month commitment with this plan. We have built in one consultation per month to ensure your success. If you would like additional consultations you can purchase them individually for $100 per session. Let us know if you are 23&Me customer and get this package at a cheaper rate!

**Add the Micronutrient test to determine the vitamin and mineral deficiencies that are impacting your ability to lose weight


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